Monday, 22 August 2011


Our youngsters were trained today. We have had 30 out to 28 miles but have halted training while we are waiting for the final round of youngsters to be up and running with the main team. We have 47 in total (2 of which have broken legs). We have rushed the other 17 to get them grouping and flying out around the loft. Today was a cracking afternoon so I decided time had come to basket all that I felt were ready to go. I decided to leave the youngest 6 at home who have only been out flying for 4 days! So in total 39 youngsters were basketed along with the 3 old birds I have left. They were taken to 7 miles and they beat us back. On checking numbers I am 1 missing. I have no idea who it is at present but will check tomorrow. I am going to get these 39 on the road regularly now and hope to get them into the race on the 10th September.
After training tonight I let the team back out and they put in a good hours flying. They are exercising and trapping as well as I have ever had pigeons which is a promising sign of things to come!
By the way '09' made it back in the Europa 5th Hotspot so that means we will hopefully have 3 in the final race this year!

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