Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Europa Stat!

The birds were trained today from 35 miles and the 3 birds we appear to have left in the race were 9th, 174th and 230th

I have been looking through the charts that I have produced in the 3 years we have sent to this race to test our birds. My first year back in the sport, we sent 3 and had no top 50 positions out of the 32 race series. (In fact our best position that year in all races was 163rd). Best Final race result was 422nd.

The 2nd year we sent 3 again and this time we had 8 positions in the top 50 including 6 in the top 20 from the 34 races! We did get a 1st in one of the training races and our best Hotspot position was 37th. Best Final race result was 176th.

This year we sent 5 but only 4 started training. Out of the 16 races so far we have totally eclipsed last years already and we are not even half way through winning 15, top 50 positions and with 9 positions in the top 20! Added to that we have had 36th in Hotspot 2 which is the best Hotspot position we have achieved in the 3 years to date.

I gave myself a 5 year plan to win this race and we are currently well on track to progress for the 3rd year in a row! I am already planning my breeding pairs based on the information I have obtained from previous races and hopefully next year will be another step closer to winning this race. Mind you this year isn't over yet! ;-)

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