Sunday, 21 August 2011

Europa 5th Hotspot

The birds had the 5th Hotspot today and '07' did the loft proud being in the first group home after 4 and 1/4 hours from 165 miles. She trapped just 16 seconds behind the winner to claim 35th. I will have at least one in the final race and hoping when the rest of the result is published it will show the other 3 have also made it in to the final.

I am quite excited as this pigeon is off my Number One stock hen who herself was 24th Open in the Final in 2009 and finished 9th Ace Bird. She also won 4th Hotspot, 15th Hotspot and 39th Hotspot. Her nestmate finished 29th Open in the Final race in 2009 and was also the 17th Ace Bird. Their half sister last year was entered and won 4th Hotspot and 74th Hotspot. Added to that that the No.1 Hen bred a youngster last year to win 37th and 96th Hotspots and now this year has bred 25th and 35th Hotspots. It is a very good line of pigeons and one I am hoping to develop over the next year or so to produce the pigeon to go that step closer!

**The Bullet has also recorded on the result being 196th and 14 mins behind the winnner. At least thats two for the final and to be honest the 2 I wanted to have in the final! Hopefully the other 2 will also make it back. There are 444 birds home at present so still 114 (or 1/5) still to come!**

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