Tuesday, 8 March 2011

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This years breeding is going exceptionally well. I put this mainly down to the birds being in super health. I have 26 youngsters weaned off with another 4 still in the nest and due to be weaned off in the next few days. All my stock birds are now sitting there 2nd round eggs with the first ones hatching last night. There are another 22 eggs in the stock loft so going to be another good round if they all hatch successfully.
The race hens as previously posted are now in their own section and have been out flying the last 3 days. I had some initial problems but they all returned safely with the exception of one of the latebreds who has a cut to her shoulder. I have put her in the young bird loft while the others are busy exercising. They have been flying for around 20-25 minutes which is pleasing as they are carrying excess weight so once this is burnt off and now the feeding is more regulated this will soon increase.
The cocks are bursting to go out and once the final 2 youngsters are weaned off the the final hen is separated these will be out raking the skies each evening as well. I have 8 cocks to race, and 13 hens when all is set.
Training is still planned for the first week of April and I will be hoping to train them hard in readiness for the first race.

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