Friday, 25 March 2011

Training starting soon!

The exercising of the race birds around the loft is going extremely well with the hens now topping the effort the cocks are putting in. They are ranging all over the town and I have been very pleased watching them from the attic window the last couple of days. They are covering a large distance and there fitness levels are well up. The cocks have gone off the boil to some extent but hope they will pick back up in the next few days. I am probably going to start road training Sunday afternoon which will be from a short distance as I have quite a few untrained late breds in the race team for both cocks and hens.
The youngsters I failed to get out as planned and have decided to concentrate on the race team to ensure they are as prepared as they can be come racing. The youngsters will be kept in for the time being and allowed to grow in their own time.
The stock birds are going well and I have 17 new babies in the nest at present with a few more down on eggs again. I have fostered a few more off my top pairs but with plenty of time left not I am not concerned that my numbers per round are down doing this.
I will update again when training starts and let you all know how the birds do! Fingers crossed.

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