Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Not long after posting the post below I went to the loft to clean out and after doing the floor, noticed in the top nestbox my No.2 Stock Hen, dead on the chicks that had just hatched that day! To say I am gutted is an understatement. She was in perfect health and no signs of illness or poisoning. I have just posted off for a post mortem to be carried out. I suspect she has died of a heart attack as all the other birds are in tip top condition and the two youngsters she was sitting are doing well now they have been fostered under another pair.
It is a definite blow for the loft though as this hen along with her nestmate were 24th and 29th in the final of the Europa Classic in 2009 and 9th and 17th in the final ACE bird standing from the 1,200 that started the series. I have another 1/2 sister who competed in this years race who won 4th Hotspot! A daughter from the 9th Ace bird was 37th Hotspot - just 3 seconds behind the winner in this years Europa Classic and a daughter from the hen that died was 178th in the final of this years Europa Classic. So all in all a very promising family that produces good birds in the One loft conditions. A blow to the loft but I have 8 youngsters from her, 4 this year as I fostered her first round eggs and she was sitting her 2nd round when she died.
Well that's pigeons for you I guess!!

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