Monday, 7 February 2011

Breeding continues to go well!

The breeding season for us is in full swing now and we currently have 28 youngsters in the nest all doing well. We have a load of eggs as well that are due to hatch in the next 7-10 days. Our hatch rate has been very pleasing being at around 90%. Considering the cold spell we had when the birds were first mated and when the eggs were originally laid this is very encouraging.
Once the racers have reared there youngsters they are currently sitting I will then start to get them out exercising in readiness for the coming Old Bird season.
We could do with an extension to the main racing loft and I have been planning heavily for this. I have decided to split this years youngsters into 2 teams. 60 in 1 loft and 30 in the new loft that will be built. Hopefully this work can be carried out prior to April so the birds are not disturbed too much when preparing for racing.

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