Thursday, 6 January 2011

At last!

It seems like ages ago that I updated the news on the website and I can now confirm we have had our 1st egg of 2011 laid! It had taken around 25 days but at last we have one! The weather has played a big part in the length of time but we have finally accomplished what we set out to do and that is breed an early team of youngsters. Hopefully over the next few nights the rest of the stock birds will have laid as well. I have reduced the stock numbers since the last posting and we now have 13 pairs of stock and 8 pairs of races that are paired up. The racers have been left to do as they wish as I am not keeping the eggs from them anyway and they will be used to bring up a foster round from the stock birds. I will be picking the rings up in the next week or so and we have ordered 100 this year and will be hoping to have a really strong team available when the racing starts come July!

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