Sunday, 26 December 2010

Taking time to settle

The pairing is taking its time and still have 7 pairs that have not settled together. I have having problems with dominate cocks chasing other cocks from their nest boxes. I have 15 pairs of stock birds together of which 8 are settled. I have resorted to locking the other 7 pairs into their boxes to help settle them and get them started. I am not overly concerned as it is still very cold and early in the breeding season. If anything, it may help with the eggs not arriving until this very cold snap has passed. In addition to the 15 pairs of stock birds, I also have 8 pairs of races in together but these are doing what they please and can pair up when they want to. I have 7 spare hens, of which 6 will races with the other 16 racers. I will update again when the birds have settled and are down on eggs. Good luck to other fanciers who are also pairing up early.

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