Friday, 14 January 2011

Pedigree uploads

I have busy changing the look of the stock bird page of the website. I have changed the way the details are viewable. The site now shows the pedigrees for each of the stock birds instead of the write up that used to be viewable. I think this is a big improvement to the site.
I have also been busy setting up the new Dove Release company I have created and have been busy working on the website. This is now complete and will be going 'live' once all the items have been purchased to enable me to complete orders that are made.
The forum is going well and hopefully now the breeding season is well under way the auction site will see a good many birds going up for sale. The online directory is another that will pick up with the rise of the other sites.
In my own loft I have most pairs down on eggs and waiting for the hatch dates to arrive. I have fostered a lot of eggs so in total have 18 eggs that are being sat. The weather has warmed up a little so that will assist with the hatching percentage. I had the birds routinely tested a few days ago and all showing good health. So all set for the new youngsters to arrive!

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