Thursday, 10 August 2017

Great start for our test loft youngsters

We have had a great start to our test loft programme with 2 of our test lofts achieving very good performances with our birds in only the 2nd young bird race of the season.

  • Mr and Mrs A.Winder finished 3rd club, 10th Federation from 67 miles against 3,411 birds also winning £150 in the Penywaun Breeder Buyer Scheme.

  • Steve Moulds flying as Moulds and Slatter also finished 2nd club, 21st Federation from 71 miles against 3,411 birds

We are very pleased with these performances so early into our test loft scheme. The two birds are both Grandchildren to our No.1 stock cock Rasbull Semtex and in fact are brother and sister. The sire of both these birds is Rasbull Ace Combine, bred by Doldersum & Son, Holland. The dam is Rasbull 01 who raced in Ireland for Eamon Wright before we brought her back over to go into our stock loft. She is bred from Rasbull Semtex, 4th Open, Welsh Jubilee Race, 500 miles, when paired to Rasbull Aquaflight who finished 2nd Open, Yearling Somerset One Loft Race 2013 from 389 miles, winning £6,000 before being purchased by Rasbull Lofts.

We are very hopeful the birds placed with our test lofts with continue to produce performances of this standard and we look forward to bringing you news of these.

This is the Federation result with the Rasbull youngsters highlighted in the red boxes.

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