Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Shares sold!

After careful consideration, I have decided to limit the amount of shares syndicates to just 3. I have 8 other people on board for this venture and summer of fun. There are several reasons for this. They include, not being able to breed enough youngsters for myself for club racing, having too many reserve birds to activate and not enough shareholders wanting to activate them, thus leaving birds in the race unactivated. With 3 syndicates, there are 12 shares in total, to activate the main youngsters and if all 12 reserves are still in the loft at the 1st hotspot, another 12 shares in the reserves. I feel this is most sensible way to go rather than having birds which are unable to be paid, therefore flying for nothing. This way all birds will hopefully be fully paid up and we will have 12 birds in the race that are all competing for prize money. If you would like to become involved, I can place you on a reserve list for any shares in the reserves that are not activated by the current shareholders. Please email me if you are interested. Thank You.

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