Sunday, 1 November 2009

Several new stars at Rasbull Lofts!

Yes thats right, several, infact 9 new stars have been purchased from the Europa Classic sale. Over the course of the 2 auctions, 9 absolutely fantastic pigeons have been purchased for the stock lofts. The biggest stars with out doubt have to be a nest pair of birds bred by Ron Bevan who come 24th Open and 29th Open and who were 9th Ace Bird and 17th Ace Bird! A nest pair both in the top 30 of the Europa Classic, both in the top 17 of the Ace Bird standing! The chances? Have there ever been a better pair of nestmates in the final results? I would doubt it. Both have been purchased and now have pride of place in the stock loft! I went with a list of 10 birds and come back with 9 of them! The only 1 I didnt manage to purchase was because it didnt go up for auction and was withdrawn for the Europa 500. No expense has been spared in purchasing these birds! Other results of the birds I purchased include:- 4th hotspot, 15th hotspot, 39th hotspot, 9th hotspot, 48th hotspot, 86th Open, 16th hotspot, 5th hotspot, 6th hotspot, 15th hotspot, 31st hotspot, 31st hotspot, 43rd hotspot. 34th Ace Bird.
As can be seen some outstanding results from the birds purchased. All the details have been put onto the stock bird page of the website and if you would like further details you will be able to find them on here.

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