Sunday, 3 September 2017

1st Federation and 12th Federation for two test lofts!

Wow......5 races into our test loft scheme and we have received news that a Grandchild from our No.1 stock cock Rasbull Semtex has won 1st Club, 1st Federation from 2,834 birds. Huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs A.Winder who topped the Rhondda Valley Federation.

The Sire of the winner is Rasbull 27 who is a direct son from Rasbull Semtex, 4th Open, Welsh Jubilee Race, 500 miles, when paired to Rasbull Aquaflight who finished 2nd Open, Yearling Somerset One Loft Race 2013 from 389 miles, winning £6,000 before being purchased by Rasbull Lofts.

The Dam of the winner is Rasbull Kulpa 699, who was purchased from S & P Kulpa from one of their top breeding pairs. This pigeon is from only her third nest with us. She is a full sister to 6 x 1st Club, 5 x 2nd Club, 4 x 1st Federation, 4 x 2nd Federation, 2 x 4th Federation, 2 x 5th Federation, plus many others.

A Brother to the 1st Federation pigeon finished 3rd Club, 125 birds  for Mr & Mrs A.Winder in the previous weeks race, so this pairing has started off well in their breeding careers!

In addition to that success, we can also confirm that Moulds and Slatter finished 9th Club, 12th Federation, 2,834 birds with a pigeon out of Rasbull Kulpa 700 when paired to Rasbull Nefertiti.

The Sire is Rasbull Kulpa 700 and is the nestmate to Rasbull Kulpa 699 who bred our 1st Federation winner mentioned above, so this looks like a very promising pair given they are also full Brother and Sister to 4 x 1st Federation winners plus 4 x 2nd Federation!

The Dam is Rasbull Nefertiti who is a Koen Van Roy pigeon and Daughter of his No.1 breeding cock 'Lucky 29'. Rasbull Nefertiti is Half Sister to 'Zwarte Olympiad' 1st Olympiad Ace Bird Nitra Cat A 2013, 1st Provincial Ace Bird Middle Distance KDBD 2012. 3rd National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB 2012. She is also Half Sister to 'Linda' 27 x 1st, 6th National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB 2015. Olympiad Pigeon Brussels 2017 Cat A.

Rasbull Nefertiti bred our 2nd Welsh, 32nd Open in the Derby Arona 1st Hotspot last year against 1,579 birds so again a very promising start to her breeding career here at Rasbull Lofts.

This is great news and shows that the money we have invested is already starting to produce outstanding results in a very strong Federation. We began this specialist breeding loft in 2016 with the intention of breeding pigeons capable of performances like this but even we are surprised at how quickly success has been achieved.

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