Sunday, 24 January 2016

New introductions and loft finished!

The loft modification has now been completed. Everything is now in order to proceed with the new venture of the specialist breeding loft. 7 compartments each capable of housing 2 pairs of breeders. As you can see the loft is transformed from the old racing loft to the purpose built unit for breeding champion racing pigeons.

We have also purchased 3 birds direct from Holland from Doldersum & Son. We have spared no expense and purchased a direct daughter to their top stock hen ' 005 Superbreedster'! We are absolutely delighted to purchase this hen and I am sure she will prove her worth in the coming years in the breeding loft. Please see below some details from the lofts we have purchased:-

As you can see they really are a top quality loft and 1st Provincial Champions Middle Distance 2015 competing against 2,200 members! They are also 1st Overall Federation Champions Short and Middle distance2015! 

I have updated the whole website and the new purchases can be found on our 'Stock Bird' section along with copies of the pedigrees (they really are full of champion pigeons with outstanding results.

The birds will now be paired and settled into their compartments. We will be offering youngsters this year from all the birds we have introduced to the loft. Please email for more information.

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