Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pairing Up

I have started the task of pairing up the birds in the last few days. I must say its not a job I enjoy but this year is going quite smoothly at present. I have 17 pairs of race birds and 6 pairs of stock. I have 5 spare hens which is a bit of a pain. I have had the hens locked in the boxes for the past 3 days. The majority of cocks have now picked a nestbox but still a couple who are not too sure! I let the cocks and hens in together today and 18 of the 23 pairs mated which was pleasing. Hopefully tomorrow the other 6 pairs will settle as well. I have left 6 pairs out of the boxes tonight and hopefully they will get to know the nestbox they are supposed to be in. I will let a couple of pairs a day out until all are settled and no where they are supposed to be nesting. I will update when more news. Roll on eggs and youngsters :-)

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