Sunday, 29 January 2012

A busy week!

It has been a very busy few weeks! Yesterday we had our club presentation in the afternoon followed by the Federation presentation in the evening. It was a very good night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was quite nervous about collecting the trophy I had won earlier in the season but managed to do it without tripping over and making a fool of myself!
My Pigeon Pixels forum is taking a lot of my spare time up at present and the site is growing all the time. We had our 3rd show tonight - Young Cocks which was judged by Byran Williams (Williams Bros, Tredegar) and I came 2nd and 6th from the 45 entries to add to the 3rd I won last week when it was Old Hens and kindly judged by multi Combine winner and RPRA award winner James Willis.
In the loft the birds are quite happy and settled. I have 15 youngsters that are now rung and I have around 20 eggs. I have been in discussions with Eamon Wright (Shortcut Lofts) and I am pleased to announce we will be sending a small team over to his loft to have them tested for us against the massive birdage that competes in the NIPA. (Around 20-28,000!) I am also sending 4 youngsters to another huge household name in the world of pigeons that of B.Williams & Son who won the BICC this year! Hopefully by testing our birds out this way we can find out far more about them than trying to judge from our own races.
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