Sunday, 20 November 2011

Could be another top stock pigeon arriving within a week!!

We are still planning another 1 or 2 introductions to the stock team and have targeted a number of birds. We will bring news in the next week or so if we have been successful in aquiring them. The two new hens that have been purchased (both bred fed winners) will be arriving at the lofts sometime this week. I will say this - the 2 new birds we have in mind are equally impressive regarding the breeding of winners!
We are also in contact with various fanciers regarding entering two more test lofts so our entire stock loft will be put to the test in the coming season. We currently have 9 pairs of stock and I think I am looking at 10 pairs of stock for this season. We have 6 youngsters going to Somerset One Loft race, 4 going to the RPRA, 4 going to the test loft of B.Williams & Son and hopefully another two test lofts will be taking 2 each. So that will be the entire first round of stock birds more or less sent to be tested.
The birds in the loft are now settled and the cocks are picking their boxes. I hope to start introducing the hens in the next few weeks and get them ready for pairing. They have been treated for canker and worms already in the last 3 weeks and currently being treated for cocci. This year I will also be treating for Paratyphoid and hope to do this in the next week or so. I believe they will then be more than ready for the exciting breeding season that lies ahead!

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