Saturday, 23 July 2011

Training going well

The birds were trained Friday afterwards as cleared up nicely. 42 were taken to 10 miles and 41 made it home. Today the birds were taken to the same place and took just 15 minutes to fly the distance - all home safe and sound. I will take them there again now another 2 or 3 times before moving them up in distance. I am in no real rush as the first race I am planning to send to is the 5th in the club so that still gives me 4 weeks to get them just right. Last year I jumped a few of the later ones to quickly and a hawk strike resulted in me dropping 10 birds with them being reported up to 80 miles away. Learn by your mistakes is the only way to progress!!!!

The Europa Classic 1st Hotspot is tomorrow from 60 miles and there are 728 birds on the basketing list. Hopefully the syndicate birds can do themselves justice. Good luck to all those who are in the race.

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